Meet Kristin from Happy Homeschool Adventures

Wife & Mother of my Montessori homeschooling family of 6, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’re nature lovers and environmental minimalists. Happy Homeschool Adventures is our way of sharing our experience in guiding our little ones from the back of the boat; Montessori materials, methods, and minimalist living.

Montessori Mom and Kids in Outdoor Harvest Kitchen for Happy Homeschool Adventures nature experience.

Hello, I’m Kristin!

Welcome to Happy Homeschool Adventures. I’m a Montessori homeschooler of 4 kids 5 & under. We live in Oregon on a 20-acre farm and this is where our heart is.

When my oldest was getting ready to start preschool, my husband and I knew we wanted her to have an amazing learning experience. I was already familiar with Montessori education and living a minimalist (and somewhat Montessori-friendly) lifestyle.

We decided to take the leap into homeschooling and I quickly dove into every Montessori learning opportunity I could find. I took the courses and bought the books. Next, I joined the groups and attended the conferences. I did ALL the things. Most importantly, I listened. We’re now beginning our 4th year of homeschooling and I can tell you it was The. Best. Decision. we ever made for our family.

Our oldest daughter graduated Kindergarten in the spring and she’s so excited to be starting 1st grade in the fall. She has a younger brother and sister in their Primary years who are homeschooling alongside her and a baby brother as well.

Montessori Primary Homeshool Graduate

Together with my husband, we’re raising our four children (two daughters and two sons), using Montessori philosophy and principles, and with a minimalist approach. Subscribe to our email list and stick around for more on how we live and homeschool the Montessori way!

A Few Fun Facts About Me

I’m originally from Long Island and spent my adolescence in Raleigh, NC where I developed a love for Diet Mountain Dew and Rap music.

Prior to becoming an author/educator, I also worked as an RN, a research assistant, a data modeler, a DBA, an analyst, and a GIS coordinator.

I have four brothers, two older and two younger, and I loved growing up with a bunch of siblings. I’ve had close bonds with each of them at various stages in our lives. As adults, we can pick right back up no matter how much time goes by and I value those bonds.

I thought my favorite place to visit was the Grand Canyon until we moved to the farm. Now, I feel like we’ve created a life we don’t need a vacation from. Having said that, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice to take a trip to Yellowstone.

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