Practical Life in the Kitchen: Scrambled Eggs

Montessori child stirring eggs in a bowl with a whisk
“The exercises of practical life are formative activities.  A work of adaptation to the environment.  Such adaptation to the environment and efficient functioning therein is the very essence of a useful education.”
Maria Montessori
Today, we started our day just like most days:  in the kitchen.  One benefit of homeschooling we take advantage of is that we are surrounded by practical life experiences.  We don’t have to have a lot of space designated for practicing real world activities because it is inherent to the environment in which we live.  These experiences are happening in real time on a daily basis so we simply encourage participation. 
A couple of goals we aim for in our home in order to support positive independent work are accessibility of materials and freedom within limits.  If that means adding a few low hooks or step stools then we are happy to do that.

Practical Life in the Kitchen:  Scrambled Eggs

In order to get her scrambled egg breakfast up and running, my daughter puts on her apron and helps gather the necessary items from the fridge and cupboard.  She then climbs into her Learning Tower and gets to work. 
Our Learning Tower is a bit bulkier and is not collapsible like some other towers on the market.  However, it is also much sturdier and more durable as a result.  We personally don’t mind the size because it tucks in nicely at the end of our kitchen counter when not in use.

First and foremost, we wash our hands.  Then we transition over to the prep area.  After we crack the eggs, she likes watching them slide out of the shell and into the bowl.  Next, we add a splash of milk.  My daughter’s favorite part of making scrambled eggs, by far, is using the whisk.  After she finishes mixing the eggs and the milk, she likes to hold up the whisk and watch the egg/milk mixture run down it and slowly drip into the bowl.  It makes her giggle.  

While I am at the stove warming the ghee in the frying pan, my daughter rips a piece of American cheese into little pieces to add later.  She helps me transfer the egg mixture into the frying pan and I scramble the eggs while adding the cheese.  Finally, when the eggs are cooked and we are finished at the stove, she holds out her bowl and waits for me to scoop them from the hot pan into the bowl.  We wash our hands again and head to the table for breakfast. 

Today, my daughter chose a banana from the fruit bowl and a protein shake to accompany her scrambled eggs.  She ate all of her breakfast and I wasn’t surprised.  She usually cleans her plate when she’s involved in the process.  As she spends more time in the kitchen meal prepping and assisting, she increases in understanding and confidence, and gains more responsibility.

We hope you enjoyed our Practical Life in the Kitchen:  Making Scrambled Eggs and it gives you some ideas for fun in the kitchen with your little ones.

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