Montessori Elementary Curriculum

Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources

“He knows how to read and write, has an interest in mathematics, science, geography and history, so that it is easy to introduce him to any amount of further knowledge. The teacher is confronted with an individual who has already acquired the basis of culture, and is anxious to build on it, to learn and penetrate deeper into any matter of interest.”

– Maria Montessori

Below, we will be sharing our Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources.

First, I’d just like to share that we are thrilled and honored to be featured on Bookshop this month for our Infant & Toddler Curriculum Resources list. We really enjoy our book collections. This is an awesome way to share them with others!

Our list is pictured below and it’s perfect for a new or expectant Dad/parent/caregiver. There are several other great collections posted, if you’re looking for other June picks too. Check them all out at

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Montessori Elementary Years

Since we’re wrapping up our official school year and looking ahead, this is a great time for us to share our Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources. We’re particularly excited for this year. Our daughter just graduated kindergarten and will be starting her first year of Elementary studies. We will continue our exploration of various topics until then. We are also really enjoying the weather by us.

Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources

Montessori philosophy as applied to the Elementary years is known as Cosmic Education and it stresses the interconnectedness of all things through its interdisciplinary approach. I’ve seen entire sets of Montessori Albums (instructions) available for purchase at a wide range of prices. They look really helpful and efficient. However, we have decided to take a different route.

We are taking a similar approach to the Elementary years that we do with the Primary years. It allows us to really customize and fine-tune opportunities according to our kids’ preferences. Our resources will consist of a few free Montessori albums, one affordable Album, some books on pedagogy (teaching method and practice), and some printables. In addition, we will be using some materials to initiate exploration of other topics. There’s some crossover between these resources. It will be useful when our daughter is constructing her own experiences.

Montessori Cosmic Education

Books by Maria Montessori and Children of the Universe

These are all great resources for the Elementary years and their focus is different for each one. Children of the Universe is particularly useful for the Montessori First Great Lesson Materials and Follow-Up for Primary & Elementary.

Maria Montessori’s books are extremely helpful for Montessori Second Great Lesson Materials and Follow-Up for Primary & Elementary.

Montessori Albums From Cultivating Dharma (FREE!)

Free Montessori Albums from Cultivating Dharma
  • Math
  • Geometry
  • Language
  • History

I will list these under the specific subject areas. However, I just wanted to give you a look at them. The price is right and they appear to be very thorough drafts.

We have found them to be very useful in our Montessori Fourth Great Lesson Materials and Follow-Up for Primary & Elementary.

Practical Life

Montessori Elementary Practical Life Resources for Handwork and Gardening

We love our Practical Life work and this will be no exception. The Handwork album is beautiful and thorough. You can see an example of how we use it in our Montessori Third Great Lesson Materials and Follow-Up for Primary & Elementary.

We love spending time in our garden and this new gardening curriculum looks like it’s got some great ideas and inspiration for us moving forward. As a result, we’re very happy with our Practical Life choices. In the future, we may branch out in the kitchen. Right now, we have plenty to keep us engaged in our everyday life and the baking printables will blend nicely with our Geography works.

Anti-Bias Education

Don't Look Away, Different Differenter, and What if All the Kids Are White Books

If you’re interested in learning more about Anti-Bias Education, this course by ABAR teacher-educator Britt Hawthorne is a great place to start. We will continue using our resources for the primary years, until our oldest is ready for This Book is Anti-Racist in Upper Elementary. Also, Indigenous Cheerleader has a lot of great resources we are incorporating into our Indigenous Education, including our Land Acknowledgment and our Montessori Indigenous Education Books.

Language (Including Spanish)

Waseca Biomes Reading Program and Biome Readers

We love Waseca Biomes! As a result, we’ll likely continue using their curriculum materials through the Elementary years. In addition, we have the Cultivating Dharma Language album as an additional resource. For Spanish, we are going to add a nice variety of printables to go along with our subjects. Also, we will continue using the music-based resource we added last year.

Save $15 on your first Waseca Biomes purchase here.

Math & Geometry

Montessori Math Space

For Math, we are using mostly Montessori materials and Montessori-aligned materials along with some printables. Therefore, we’re using the applicable Album and Montessori Book. In addition, we’ll have some activities with the Spielgaben using online Montessori printable resources and the included curriculum. Also, Sumblox have self-correcting lessons for addition, multiplication, etc. You can check out our daughter’s Math journey in Montessori Math: Concrete to Abstraction.


Montessori Elementary Geography and Science Curriculum Resources

George’s Secret Key to the Universe is a great family read-aloud for us. As a result, we’ll be using the mini-curriculum section as we go. Again, we’re sticking with Waseca Biomes, because our kids love their materials. The For Every Kid series is awesome and we found all of our copies used. Very affordable.

If you’re looking for a more curated approach to Science, Science Matters looks very cool! Everything needed for lessons and experiments is included for you. They offer printables, and I believe it’s even bilingual now. They also have freebies.

If you want to see these in action, check out our Montessori First Great Lesson Materials and Follow-Up for Primary & Elementary.

Art and Nature

Elementary Curriculum Resources for Nature Education and Nature Journaling

We’ve mentioned several of these selections in the past. More specifically, Coyote’s Guide is a great book for this age group. We’re excited to use it more. Likewise, we have two more awesome Nature Journaling books we’ve referenced in years past. Of course, you can find those in our shop collections.

The Earth Project is a global project that aims to connect Montessori schools and families together in a collaborative effort to save the planet. You can sign up here.


Elementary Suzuki Music Curriculum for the Recorder
  • Suzuki Recorder School, Volume I
  • Musician Studies (Geography)
  • Music Appreciation (Geography)
  • Instrument Printables (Geography)

Our oldest daughter and son have decided to learn the Recorder this year! Naturally, the Montessori bells are lovely. While I grew up around the bells in Catholic school and mass, I’m just not sure it’s a good fit for our kids right now. However, the recorder is a good choice for us. It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it’s portable. Furthermore, it’s also non-committal. Our kids are excited so I’m excited. I started playing music on a soprano recorder and loved it. In addition, they also really enjoy their Glockenspiel.

Also, we like what we hear about the Suzuki method of playing music before reading it. In fact, it fits well with how we’ve used the Glockenspiel in the past. Therefore, that’s why we chose this resource.

Other Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources

Books for boys and a resource on Socratic Practice

The first two books don’t apply to our homeschool in regards to Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources for right now. However, they will soon. As a result, I wanted to be sure to include them. They cover a broad age range.

I picked up The Habit of Thought (big bar code) not too long ago. I am new to the Socratic approach to learning. However, I caught the author’s presentation at a conference recently and I was really intrigued. Now, I’m excited to learn more about how we can put it into practice in our homeschool.

In summary, our daughter has enough options to keep her inspired for her Elementary years! In fact, these are inspired by our child’s interests. We give her the freedom to grow and choose. Of course, she may end up adding or changing things as she goes. We’ll see. That is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of homeschooling and Montessori in general. You can’t put her in a box!

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What Montessori Elementary Curriculum Resources are you most excited about? What else would you include? Let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Kristin


Our Montessori Curriculum Resources for the Elementary years, including Montessori Albums, books on pedagogy, and printables. Subjects cover, Practical Life, Math, Language, Science, Geography, Art, Music, and Nature. #montessori #homeschool #montessorielementary