Practical Life in the Kitchen: Coconut Flour Pizza

“The waiters carried themselves with a quiet joy, as if their entire mission in life was to make their customers feel comfortable and well tended.”

Julia Child

With the emphasis we are placing on Practical Life experiences this month, it seemed more than appropriate to share some of what our preschooler is up to in the heart of our home:  the kitchen.  

As we continue to focus on food preparation, I digest the quote by Julia Child that accompanies the above image and I am reminded of my mission as a parent and teacher.  I am also reminded of Maria Montessori’s words in The Absorbent Mind, where she discusses the teacher’s preparation.  You see, the relationship described between the waiter and the customer in the restaurant is synonymous with Montessori’s relationship between the valet and his master.  Both are analogous to the bond between teacher and student.
While it may look as though our daughter is serving us in her apron by slicing tomatoes, combining ingredients, and working the dough into a pie, all with great concentration, we are actually serving her needs.  I am fulfilling the role of waiter or valet in our relationship.  Although it may seem intuitive at times to jump in and help, my pursuit is to provide her with the proper environment and respect necessary for the development of her independence.  That is truly what nurtures the joy and love that constitutes our bond. 

With that in mind, we set out to recreate one of our favorite keto pizza dishes.  We added to this recipe some tomatoes and ButcherBox bacon to top off our pizza.  One benefit we enjoy by rarely splurging on fast food or dining in restaurants is that we can choose to purchase higher quality meats from ButcherBox, using their delivery service, without it impacting our budget and it gives us the gratification of knowing we are working with great ingredients.  It also cuts down on the number of items we need to pick up while grocery shopping.

Everything our preschooler used in her work area is pictured below and was prepared according to the recipe.  I assisted with oven use.
Our Preschooler’s Materials
Our Preschooler’s Work

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