Montessori Bee Unit Study for Primary and Elementary


“Once you’ve felt at one with the natural world, it will powerfully compel you to environmental ethics and behavior.”

– David Sobel

Saturday, August 21 is National Honey Bee Day here in the U.S. We’re really enjoying this Montessori Bee Unit Study for Primary and Elementary. We are excited to share it with you all in time to celebrate these wonderful creatures. Bees often get a bad rep and they have such important jobs. As a result, we hope you take the opportunity to enjoy these awesome resources too.

The Importance of Bees

Not only do bees produce the delicious honey we enjoy and the beeswax we use. They also play an important role in the pollination of some plants. Also, bee populations are a vital part of our ecosystem and food security. Unfortunately, these populations are dwindling for several reasons. It’s important for kids to learn about and care for the bees in their environment so that they will grow up wanting to protect them. More specifically, this unit will help encourage that connection.

Montessori Bee Unit Study Subjects

This Montessori Bee Unit Study actually contains materials applicable to ALL subject areas. We are really excited to share a themed unit that has something for every subject and a variety of ages. In fact, whether your kids like art, nature, fun in the kitchen, or math, there’s something in this unit they are sure to love. Feel free to pick and choose what your children are interested in.

Appropriate Ages for This Unit Study

Children ages 2 to 12 will benefit from the activities contained in this unit. You may find that the coloring pages, the wooden beehive sorting activity, the 3-piece puzzles, and the honey tasting work from Wings, Worms, and Wonder are suitable for children just over age 2 and with adult supervision. I would also recommend The Beehive from The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories, and Fingerplays and Secrets of the Vegetable Garden for the youngest of children. Lots of fun!

The remaining activities, including books and printables, are suitable for children 3-12. The books are actually great for adults too. Something for everyone in this beautiful Montessori Bee Unit Study.


Montessori Bee Unit Study

This Montessori Bee unit study contains books, printables, and activities that cover Sensorial, Practical Life, Language, Math, Science, Geography, Art, and Music for children ages 2-12. It covers topics such as colors and numbers for young children, all the way to Bee Anatomy, Bee Life Cycle, Pollination, Flower Anatomy, Ecology, etc. for older students.

Books for Bees Unit Study


Montessori Bee Color Sorting Work

Activities/Shelf Work


There are 3 printable packs that we used for this Montessori Bee Unit Study along with one free bee bookmark printable, and some free flower Nomenclature Cards. The activities mentioned above can be completed using materials from more than one printable pack, so I will list them here as well for ease of organization in planning. These printables cover most subject areas. Depending on the ages of your students and what subjects you’d like to cover, you can decide if you want all or just a selection of them.

We have a nice selection of Bee printables. Some were included in a Summer Bundle. The Honey Bee Study Pack by Wild Feather Edu is also available in Spanish, so we may decide to add that on in the future. Our kids have really enjoyed these printables. They’re beautiful and affordable, so I would definitely recommend them.

What This Montessori Bee Unit Study Looks Like For Us

Montessori child placing small bee manipulative in matching colored beehive

Wooden Beehive Stacking and Sorting Work

This wooden beehive work is popular with all of our kids but our youngest daughter is not quite 2.5 and she can not get enough. It’s a great transferring work and encourages color matching, development of fine motor skills, strength, hand-eye coordination, the pincer grasp, stacking, and open-ended play.

Our oldest was really into this work around the same age and you’ll notice it was on display as soon as we setup our Montessori Shelves several years ago. Adult supervision for children under 3 is recommended as the bees are small.

Montessori Bee Unit Study Shelf Work

Montessori Bee Unit Study Shelf Work

These are our Language/Science shelves. These works are mostly for our 4 and 5.5 y.o. The easier works are on the bottom and the activities increase in difficulty as you go up. This type of shelf arrangement works well for our kids. Our oldest likes to read the bee fact cards and pollination matching cards aloud for everyone to discuss. Also, we have a lot of bees by us and a few beekeepers live on neighboring farms so there’s lots of bee inspiration and discussion in our homeschool.

Montessori Bee Unit Study Flower Anatomy

Flower Anatomy, Dissection, and Nature Journaling

This flower work was a lot of fun and a great introduction to flower anatomy before diving into pollination. More specifically, they picked out some flowers, we cut the rose in half, and then they matched the parts of the flower to the Nomenclature cards. Finally, they used these stunning Flower Anatomy and Journaling pages by Wild Feather Edu to sketch what they saw. Our kids really enjoyed this activity.

We keep our Art and Handwriting printables in the cabinet in our Montessori Art and Handwriting Space. As a result, our kids can grab whatever they’d like to work on whenever they’re feeling inspired.

Beehive Bookmark and book

Bee Bookmarks

Our 3 oldest children really enjoyed making these bee bookmarks by Nature Inspired Learning. They colored them, cut them out, and glued them to some brightly colored cardstock for durability. This Bees: A Honeyed History book is one of our favorites. It’s large enough to gather around on the floor and discuss as a family.

Montessori Bee Unit Study Summary

We are really enjoying this Montessori Bee Unit Study and we are so excited to be able to share it with you. Moreover, there are enough books, printables, and activities to encourage learning about these remarkable creatures while incorporating various subject areas. In conclusion, we hope you have enjoyed this unit and are inspired to learn more about these wonderful insects in time for National Honey Bee Day!

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