Montessori Community Helpers Unit Study

Montessori Community Helpers toys including multicultural community helpers, vehicles, and imaginative play items
“If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood,
Who you gonna call?…
If there’s somethin’ weird and it don’t look good,
Who you gonna call?…”
Ghostbusters, 1984
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Our children are still too young to watch this classic film. However, I look forward to the day we can all enjoy it together.  The passing of Halloween and the fond childhood memories I have of laughing along with my family at the comedic talents of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis, as they work together to save their loved ones and community, came flooding back to me as our kids enjoy the resources and materials associated with this unit.

Montessori Community Helpers Unit Study

As Thanksgiving approaches, we give thanks for all we have while lending support to those in need. As a result, this is an excellent time for us to celebrate Community Helpers.  Many of these folks consistently work through the holidays, offering their time and talents to others. We have had an awesome time learning about community helpers throughout this unit study.  This Practical Life unit is heavy on imaginative play with just a couple free printables to reinforce content. In addition, we have a great selection of books with real images.  Furthermore, we will also be taking several field trips. It is a great way to add to the real-world learning experiences that they currently enjoy.


Community Helpers Picture Books

Montessori-friendly Community Helpers Books
Montessori Day-in-the-Life Community Helpers Books

Community Helpers Books on Relevant People

Books on relevant people: Maria Montessori and Jane Goodall

Imaginative Play

(Pictured at top)
some of the other imaginative play/Practical Life items we used that aren’t pictured:
montessori kids using imaginative play to learn about jobs at the hospital

Activities & Shelf Work

Montessori-friendly printables on community helpers

Planning & Coloring Resources

Disaster Preparedness materials for children provided by Oregon Office of Emergency Management
The Oregon Office of Emergency Management distributes these free resources that we collected from a local Disaster Preparedness workshop.  The Emergency Go-Kit Passport is really exciting for our children. As a matter of fact, they will be awarded a Certificate of Preparedness signed by the Governor of Oregon upon completion of the passport.  We have actually been working on this activity on-and-off for about a year. As a result, we are excited to finish it and receive our certificate.

Relevant Field Trips

  • Pediatrician or Hospital
  • Police Station
  • Ranger Station
  • City Hall
  • Fire Station
  • Montessori/Elementary School
  • Post Office

Montessori Community Helpers Unit Study Summary

This unit study, along with Thanksgiving and fall activities, will probably keep us engaged until mid-December. At that time, we will begin our next unit, and enjoy the rest of the season.  We hope you all are making the most of your school year and all the fun times that come with it!

What do your kids like most when learning about Community Helpers? What else would you include with this unit study? Let me know.

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