Montessori Solar System Unit Study

Montessori Solar System Unit Study Materials

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.”

– John Muir

Autumn is right around the corner and for us that means cool temperatures, warm blankets, hot cocoa, autumn spices, an explosion of colorful fall foliage, harvest celebrations, stargazing, twinkle lights, and all the hygge you can handle.  As we prepare to welcome another beautiful season, filled with flannel, earthy tones, and moonlit evenings, we thought we’d share some of what we’ve been up to so far this month.

Unit Studies

I’ve been getting some questions about how we do our unit studies. To be honest it can vary a bit.  We have our general framework I mentioned in our Montessori Endangered Species Unit Study. However, it can look very different with each unit, depending on what our children are interested in at the time. That determines what resources we use as a result.  

One benefit of Montessori homeschooling, or even homeschool in general, is the ability to treat our unit studies as family subjects.  For us, that means a multi-age environment with children working on the same subject simultaneously.  Multi-age learning environments are the standard in Montessori education and this works well for us. Our oldest two spend most of their time playing together.  As a result, splitting them up to focus on different areas doesn’t fit with our normal rhythm and routine.  For us, it makes sense to include books, materials, and opportunities appropriate for our 2 year-old son and our 3.5 year-old daughter. 

When our youngest gets a bit older, she will participate as well.  For now, she seems content listening to the read-alouds, bonding with her siblings, and engaging in her own work while soaking up the atmosphere as her siblings work nearby.

Solar System

Our children’s persistent interest in the dark has peaked now that the sun is setting at a noticeably earlier time each day.  They have a solar system night light/projector in their room that they are very attached to. It’s part of their bedtime routine.  As a result, this is an excellent time for us to do a solar system unit study.  It is, for the most part, new vocabulary for my son and will serve as a great way to explore more in-depth some topics that would otherwise be a review of last year’s curriculum for our oldest.  Be sure to check out our last Montessori Geography: From the Universe to Mother Earth’s Land, Air, and Water for more on our experience last year. 

If you’re interested in incorporating unit studies into your Montessori homeschool curriculum and your child is showing interest, this is a great choice for the earlier part of your academic year.  Montessori Geography focuses on educating children using a systems-based approach. It begins with large-scale physical geography and slowly narrows its focus to small-scale political geography.

Montessori Solar System Unit Study

Solar System Picture Books

Montessori Solar System Unit Study Picture Books & Field Guides

Books on Relevant People Astronomy History

Books on Relevant People

Montessori Solar System Shelf Work with Space and Earth cards to sort in Tray

Activities and Shelf Work

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Montessori Child Sorting Earth vs Space cards on work mat
Montessori child matching planet manipulatives to planet cards
Solar System Coloring Page

Additional Solar System Unit Study Details

This unit study work is self-directed and self-correcting.  My 3.5 year-old typically completes all the works, and teaches my 2 year-old at times when he is interested.  My 2 year-old is currently focusing a lot of his attention on the solar system board book, the music, and the art materials.  Scissors are his jam right now.

All the printables were free and we used mostly resources we already owned.  In fact, the Safari Ltd Solar System miniatures and the felt were the only materials we acquired for this unit. However, they will be useful to us in other works throughout the year.

Special thanks to curriculum writers Cathie Mathews, Chris & Pilar, Kyle Sadler, and Nicole Kavanaugh for all the awesome printables we are using in our Montessori Solar System Unit Study.

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