Montessori Tree Unit Study

Montessori Tree Unit Study Materials

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TREES!!!  Fall is in full swing by us and this is such a great unit study for us right now, especially with all the fall activities we are doing concurrently.  There are so many different interpretations and directions you could take a unit like this, depending on your child’s age and interests.  From botany to Montessori math, to genealogical and genetic trees, and even computer science data structures (great for older kids), the possibilities are endless with a unit on trees.  

We have a lot going on this month so I’ll jump right into it.

Montessori Tree Unit Study

This Montessori Tree Unit Study focuses on: Identification, Tree Species, Shapes of Trees (pyramidal, conical, etc), Life Cycles, & Other Types of Trees

I had a lot of fun gathering the materials and setting up the activities. Also, our kids are really enjoying the work thus far, so I’m excited to share what resources make up the focal point of this unit for our family.

Montessori Tree Reference Books

Montessori Tree Unit Study Reference Books and Field Guides

Montessori Tree Unit Study Picture Books

Montessori Tree Unit Study Picture Books

  • Tree Song – couldn’t find a link for this lol, but it’s a great book if you happen to run into it
  • The Sasquatch and the Lumberjack – my daughter loves this book.  has really funny illustrations and includes one word per scene for your child to focus on 
  • Leaf Man – this is a really cute, whimsical storybook
  • Tree:  A Peek-Thru Picture Book – my 2-year old son really enjoys this book, he likes to hold it and touch everything while I read aloud
  • Meeting Trees – heartwarming tale with beautiful paintings throughout
  • The Sequoia Lives On – this book is picture book meets reference book.  it has the look and feel of a beautiful picture book and includes content about the sequoia tree
  • Seeds and Trees – this is a great addition to our peace curriculum and explores the power of words on feelings and emotions
  • This Tree Counts! – this is a great counting book and it explores the concept of a tree as a wildlife habitat
Books on Relevant People for Tree Unit Study

Books on Relevant People

Activities and Shelf Work

What This Montessori Tree Unit Study Looks Like for Us

Nature Collage of outdoor items on painted canvas

A Nature Scavenger Hunt followed by a Nature Collage on a painted canvas.

Montessori child using nomenclature cards and tree manipulatives

Matching the Tree Nomenclature card labels to the image followed by object-to-picture matching with the tree manipulatives.

Montessori family with kids in stroller and baby in baby carrier

Preparing for an outdoor scavenger hunt at a nearby park.

In Summary

Given all the materials and the current level of interest, I suspect this unit will keep us occupied well into November.  It complements our other works in various subject areas so it’s a great fit for us right now. 

We already owned most of the materials included in this unit and, with the exception of the Safari Trees 3-Part Cards, the printables were free.  We spent approx. $15 putting this unit together.  Special thanks to all the curriculum writers who contributed to this Montessori tree unit study.

You can find all of our Montessori Botany Books in our shop.

Whatever you and your children are up to, we hope you’re having a great time too!  We’ll be back in a bit to share some of our autumn-related work.  Happy Fall from all of us to you!

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